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[software engineeringlab_NBFMwithAWGN

Description: Narrow band frequency modulation with added white gaussian noise.
Platform: matlab | Size: 1KB | Author: hanyragab | Hits: 0

[Shot Gamechange_wallpaper

Description: Media : | GMW.cn| Ecns.cn| qstheory.cn| People s Daily Online| xinhua.net| China.org.cn| cntv.com| CRI.cn| CE.cn| Youth.cn| ChinaTaiwan.org|
Platform: CHM | Size: 83KB | Author: 张建博 | Hits: 0

[Web ServerFlexsns-sky

Description: Theme skin Skins Sky 1.1 default will provide 5 sets of skin, including love, dreams, secret, sky at the same time can make settings on the skin, set whether to display the information of the owner of the stars to facilitate the owners to do the topic sky.
Platform: PHP | Size: 4460KB | Author: ahp | Hits: 0

[Web Serverendtalk

Description: EndTalk is an online anonymous chat system similar to omegle.com. Features: 1. Anonymous user matching chat 2. Chat records can be downloaded 3. Can show the other side of the input state 4. Using polling server to transfer data, compared to comet way, the server pressure is much smaller, and polling interval can be adjusted.
Platform: PHP | Size: 114KB | Author: k6 | Hits: 0

[Web Servercfimagehost_v1.4.1

Description: Simple and easy to use map bed source, do not need a . In the picture outside the chain is quite powerful, various sizes of thumbnails, full picture of the link. Suitable for the forum s blog for everything.
Platform: PHP | Size: 612KB | Author: enu | Hits: 0

[Web Serverabcbook

Description: PHP+ TXT text version of the multi-file version of a single file to optimize the code data can also be an instant page speed quickly test: add a few seconds on the record of a few seconds to get (different performance host speed may be different)
Platform: PHP | Size: 11KB | Author: odp | Hits: 0

[Web Server188er.com

Description: Emergency repair does not support the use of sub-directory functions, I see a lot of Web site statistics to the program owners to use the secondary directory, this will appear path error, this version fixes this BUG QVOD movie thief program (in the rate of media QVOD movie thief program, PHP thief program, free movie source after a lapse of one year, Song Feifei re-issued the thief program
Platform: PHP | Size: 59KB | Author: qfwc | Hits: 0

[Web ServerbugcheckV0.8

Description: BugCheck is a free bug testing system, if you need to test the project bug, you can download the software, set up to use their own, you can also use the author online version, free for everyone to use, as long as an account, you can create any project, Start the test project, you can also invite users to help participate in the station
Platform: PHP | Size: 638KB | Author: bxw | Hits: 0

[Web ServerZhanzhang_tool

Description: Webmaster tools provide page information, PR, search, domain name Whois query dozens of features, just enter the domain name to query.
Platform: PHP | Size: 4382KB | Author: lzsh | Hits: 0

[Web ServerIGather_baiduzhidao

Description: IGather Baidu know thieves for the original online development of a set of thieves program, the program development concept and the traditional thief program is different the content reorganization, the page structure can be completely customized. Read Baidu know the classification can be set, you can also upset the original classification structure, classification name can also be defined.
Platform: PHP | Size: 34KB | Author: nkq | Hits: 0


Description: smoothing signal
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 2KB | Author: guangquan | Hits: 0


Description: Three-tier architecture to achieve a la carte applet, ACCESS , for beginners C# study and study with friends.
Platform: C# | Size: 3502KB | Author: mr.Zhang | Hits: 0

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