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[Java Developstudentmanagement

Description: U4F60 u53EF u4E5 u6F3 u6A0 u6A1 u8A1 u4E 3 U636E u5E93 u7684 u4F60 u80FD u8FD0 u884C u7684 u4EE3 u7801 u6211 u5F97 u5220 u4E00 u90E8 u5206 u660E u5929 u7ED9 u4F60
Platform: Java | Size: 6KB | Author: zzy | Hits: 0

[File Operateqncoaing

Description: This is a mpeg2 encoding decoding procedures, the reader can understand mpeg2 codec library
Platform: Others | Size: 461KB | Author: eqtqtez | Hits: 0


Description: Lms algorithm in matlab on the realization of a detailed explanation of the principle of lms equalizer algorithm
Platform: matlab | Size: 13KB | Author: 王子文 | Hits: 0


Description: A gpeg2 coding decoding process, the reader can understand gpeg2 codec library
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 291KB | Author: eqtqtez | Hits: 0

[Special Effectseugenface

Description: A matlab routines on eigenface good source is very good
Platform: matlab | Size: 161KB | Author: haedlipg | Hits: 0

[GUI Develop9266264

Description: This is a complete, TCPIP transplantation in the 51 microcontroller, written in C language
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 167KB | Author: reitla | Hits: 0

[Picture Viewersuvport

Description: A matlab toolbox, support vector machine (SVM) classification, the function such as fitting, hope everyone to download research study!
Platform: matlab | Size: 98KB | Author: haedlipg | Hits: 0

[Picture ViewerAbspeecessing

Description: A fast connected component labeling algorithm based on FPGA is presented for high speed image processing on the condition that the images are continuous without horizontal blanking. Using run length code to optimize image labeling, the labels’number and length of equivalent table can be reduced. And the component’s features can also be extracted during run length coding. Then using the way of scanning every pixel, the connected labels can be linked in a single clock period. Finally the labels and features are merged in the procedure of equivalent table combination. The FPGA simulation results indicate that, when connected component labeling and features extraction for a continuous binary image are in progress, the processing time just includes the image input time and the equivalents table combination time. It is more efficient than others and suitable for fast image recognition and tracking
Platform: matlab | Size: 2144KB | Author: 杨松 | Hits: 0

[File Operatezrogram-source

Description: This a flag to program source code, good material, can learn
Platform: C++ | Size: 32KB | Author: reitla | Hits: 0

[Graph Drawingthe

Description: A control system of the simplex method of PID parameter optimization of MATLAB program, can also
Platform: matlab | Size: 2KB | Author: keznel | Hits: 0

[Graph programXQRN13

Description: A very full of matlab toolkit, you definitely have to recommend
Platform: matlab | Size: 242KB | Author: keznel | Hits: 0

[Windows Kerneljninexternal

Description: Can this is a traditional game into a simplified a small program, I use the three eight,
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 364KB | Author: Mcldlga | Hits: 0

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