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Description: Transfer Files to and from an FTP Server
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Description: 通过WEB 复制文件的DELPHI 控件-TMS.WEBCOPY.1.6.DelphiRetail-SKYDANCER Supplier : Team SKYDANCER Rlz date : 01/10/2006 Packager : Team SKYDANCER Archives : 01x0.5mb Cracker : non Protec. : non TWebCopy uses the Wininet API to load the selected files via http or ftp from Intranet or Internet sites or can copy files by UNC name over the network. It features a progress/cancel dialog and threaded execution. (ASP script available to handle POST based HTTP uploads) WebCopy can be configured to retrieve automatically only newer files w.r.t. to a configurable date. Files to copy over the web can be easily set at design time using a Items collection or programmatically : HTTP: with WebCopy.Items.Add do begin URL := http://www.tmssoftware.com/webcopy.zip Protocol := wpHTTP FileDate := EncodeDate(2002,3,18) CopyNewerOnly := true TargetDir := c:\temp end FTP: with WebCopy.Items.Add do begin FTPHost := ftp.tms
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