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Description: 具有良好的扩充性,结构逻辑明确, 开发语言:C#\ 数据库: Sql Server
Size: 784.74kb | Author: 43943732******** | Bonus: 20 Coins

[AlgorithmCable Monitoring

Description: Validation of Machine Learning Aided and Power Line Communication Based Cable Monitoring Using Measurement Data
Size: 6.65mb | Author: 945579786@ | Bonus: 20 Coins

[AlgorithmFrequency and modal mode calculation of cantilever beam

Description: Frequency and modal mode calculation of cantilever beam
Size: 1.83kb | Author: 945579786@ | Bonus: 20 Coins


Description: The signal is decomposed by fast principal component analysis
Size: 175.64kb | Author: 945579786@ | Bonus: 20 Coins

[simulation modelingModel update and optimization

Description: Used for model update and optimization design of SAP2000 structural analysis software. Bridge Example under Moving Load in SAP2000
Size: 30.72kb | Author: 945579786@ | Bonus: 20 Coins


Description: bladeRF Mimo input output
Size: 21.81kb | Author: zaid700 | Bonus: 20 Coins

[Other GamesNES Emu (VB.NET)

Description: VB.NET & DirectX NES EMU
Size: 417.53kb | Author: solar***** | Bonus: 20 Coins

[MPILabs of MPI & system programmng

Description: Use C & C++ compile to build it and realise urself
Size: 2.73mb | Author: Xotab4 | Bonus: 20 Coins

[Other Embeded programMiniware Soldering Pen TS100 Source Code

Description: Miniware TS100 soldering pen V2_18 source code
Size: 592.84kb | Author: EvrenEmre | Bonus: 20 Coins


Description: 水锤波程序 用于生成水锤波的GUI程序。
Size: 8.89kb | Author: arhunn | Bonus: 20 Coins

[Windows Develop基于LBM的圆柱绕流 matlab

Description: 基于格子玻尔兹曼方法的圆柱绕流的流场仿真,在matlab中进行编程。
Size: 2.06kb | Author: 98283165******** | Bonus: 20 Coins

[Web ServerMaster downloader CSDN

Description: Downloader for download.csdn.net
Size: 198.78kb | Author: donosocn | Bonus: 20 Coins

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