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[physical calculationBall bearing heat analysis program (BABHAP)

Description: Analysis and calculation of temperature field of ball bearing
Platform: | Size: 3492864 | Author: Mingfei-1127744542 | Hits:

[physical calculation飞秒及皮秒激光 高斯脉冲在光纤中的色散

Description: Ultra-short pulses are generated when the gain and loss of the cavity are balanced, and the dispersion and nonlinearity are balanced. Chirped pulses propagate in optical fibers, and their spectral lines are broadened due
Platform: | Size: 1566720 | Author: 小强小怪兽 | Hits:

[physical calculationvpsc7a

Description: Texture evolution of polycrystalline plastic deformation simulated by vpsc based on crystal plasticity self consistent theory
Platform: | Size: 11396096 | Author: X.xp | Hits:

[physical calculationdispersion_translation

Description: The conversion between dispersion parameters and group velocity dispersion can be calculated according to the dispersion conversion formula according to different central wavelengths.
Platform: | Size: 6144 | Author: karien | Hits:

[physical calculationVaone_video

Description: Using acoustic software vaone, this material provides three vaone learning videos, which can be used for reference.
Platform: | Size: 48890880 | Author: Feng_Ying | Hits:

[physical calculationMainProgram

Description: A plane problem solver based on finite element method
Platform: | Size: 32768 | Author: batdrawer | Hits:

[physical calculationMUMPS_5.0.1

Description: 线性方程组求解工具,可以用于有限元就算,安装方便,减少有限元数值计算难度
Platform: | Size: 3066191 | Author: 594004410@qq.com | Hits:

[physical calculation5g basic code

Description: 5g basic code 5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code5g basic code
Platform: | Size: 12944 | Author: garv08@gmail.com | Hits:

[physical calculationABAQUS-subrouinte-VUMAT-GTN

Description: This is a ABAQUS subrouinte for the classical GTN model in the study of porosity.
Platform: | Size: 3868 | Author: nk_fujiaqi_bh | Hits:

[physical calculationhistogram with enhaced probabilities

Description: plot utilities for R to generate summaries of input feature
Platform: | Size: 887 | Author: mteixido@gmail.com | Hits:

[physical calculationowen PLASTfem

Description: FINITE ELEMENTS IN PLASTICITY: Theory and Practice
Platform: | Size: 58051 | Author: 12273215********* | Hits:

[physical calculationRotex

Description: Liutex源码,供交流学习。 This file is part of OpenFOAM
Platform: | Size: 2455 | Author: guaj**** | Hits:
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