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Title: 附件05-Demo演示代码 Download
 Description: The binocular camera is connected with the computer to take pictures, capture pictures, take videos, detect faces, Canny edge detection, BM algorithm and sgbm algorithm for stereo matching ranging.
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附件05-Demo演示代码\Demo_001.rar 4322 2019-10-08
附件05-Demo演示代码\Demo_002.rar 4594 2019-10-08
附件05-Demo演示代码\Demo_003.rar 4598 2019-10-08
附件05-Demo演示代码\Demo_004.rar 4144 2019-10-16
附件05-Demo演示代码\Demo_005.rar 4775198 2019-10-13
附件05-Demo演示代码\Demo_006.rar 4775100 2019-10-13
附件05-Demo演示代码 0 2019-10-16

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